RIGHTS TO ART PROJECT. A journey discovering militant art and its Artivists.


The association Ponte per l’Arte and Binaria Centro Commensale together for a project that has been selected after to the call for proposals Impacto +2022 by Banca Etica ed Etica Sgr.


The project “Rights to Art” developed by Binaria in collaboration with the association Ponte per l’Arte is financed by Banca Etica and Etica Sgr. and from a crowdfunding operation started in December 2022, in large part due to the proceeds from the sale of works donated by forty-two artists.

At the heart of the project is art as an affirmation of the right to free expression of one’s opinions without censorship and limitation of personal freedoms.

The aim of the project is to use art in all its forms of expression to focus attention on countries where the violation of human rights is a daily reality.


The exhibition/event FarawayClose, promoted by Binaria Centro Commensale and by the association Ponte per l’Arte, aims to give voice to male and female artists from distant countries to express denunciation, dissent, protest of social problems close to all, for a greater understanding and sharing, respecting cultural differences.

Artists can present a maximum of three works (photography or painting, maximum dimensions of 70 x 100 cm; as an alternative installations, performances or special projects). The photographic reproduction of the works that cannot be presented in the original is planned.

Each artist must submit a brief biography and the concept of their work (max 300 characters)


Ship to binariacommensale@gruppoabele.org
Deadline July 30, 2023
For more information please email info@ponteperlarte.com